I strive to help businesses leverage the power of Social Media to significantly increase brand visibility, turn consumers into customers, establish online presence and build social authority. I’m dedicated to helping businesses in all industries engage with a loyal community of followers and have an impact in their industry.


Community Manager/ DA 

Aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, MAIKO uses only second-hand jeans as a raw material without adding any chemical treatments.

I was in charge of the creation of the site and the integration of the contents


Project Manager

The "HeHop" application allows you to collect evidence, audio, photos, and video, when you are a victim of domestic violence, harassment or assault.

I took charge of the prototype of this application and I worked in collaboration with a team of 3 developers for the first part of the project.

Prelude Studio 

Community Manager /

E- Commerce 

For the Spring / Summer 2018 season, Prelude Studio, a young French brand, is turning its nostalgia into an open and sensory destination, conveyed by what surrounds us called “Image & Sound”.

Attached to the Marketing Manager, I participated in the development and elaboration of the Marketing strategy for the website and social networks.

Arita CB

Web design/

Community Manager 

Arita CB is a young Beauty Center.

The company called on me to create a website and create a community on social networks.

In two months, the company gained 500 subscribers and saw its rate of institute visits increase.


Ramsay Santé 

Story Telling /

Community Manager 

With the Newtone Studio agency, we have worked on a new identity specific to the Ramsay Foundation as well as an inspiring artistic direction that can have its autonomy within the Group's social networks.

Social media plays a strategic role here in positioning the Ramsay Foundation as an inspiring guide in matters of health and well-being and thus reaching a wide variety of audiences.

Evolution September 2019 - February 2020


Organic reach: + 3%
Subscribers: + 16%

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